About us

Are you a successful businessman or company? Are you looking for new developments that will give you the opportunity to move forward? Do you want to reach a new level of your activity and offer a new product on the market? Don't you stand still and strive to develop? Don't want to lose sight of the world's achievements in the industries that interest you? But even if you are just taking the first steps in the development of your business, then you made the right choice using our website. After all, the ExpoTobi portal contains all the necessary information for business people.

So, what is the ExpoTobi portal?

For users:

  • Leading business resource, which contains descriptions of more than 20,000 events around the world: exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business trainings, etc .;
  • Systematic updating of information, which makes it possible to receive only relevant offers;
  • Convenient search for events: by country, city, industry, product category, and even by keyword;
  • Full and accurate description of the exhibition, conference, seminar with a link to the official website;
  • Detailed information about Exhibition centers and Organizers;
  • Convenient search for hotels near any exhibition venue with a transition to the website of our partners booking.com;

For Organizers:

  • Easy and convenient adding an event to the site through your personal account
  • Different options for promoting an event on the portal
  • The ability to increase awareness and traffic of the event by advertising on our resource
  • New exhibitors and visitors
  • Automatic forwarding of all requests from potential participants to our partners
  • Event statistics on our website
  • Support 24/7


By choosing the ExpoTobi portal, you save your time and money. The Organizers inform in their events about achievements in various sectors of the world market, and users have the opportunity to get it first hand, establish contacts with new useful people and partners, successfully sign contracts and negotiate, and, of course, both parties are reaching a new level in business, which is actually a common goal.

And our function - to be your stepping stone of achieving this goal!

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