Acadiana Bird Club - Bird Fair 2024

Acadiana Bird Club - Bird Fair 2024

13.04.2024 - 14.04.2024 Lafayette, USA, The District Event Center
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Category: Animals & Pets, Birds
Organizer: Acadiana Bird Club, INC.
Exhibition center: The District Event Center

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Acadiana Bird Club - Bird Fair aim is the preservation of all bird species through public education on the proper care and breeding of birds and to promote the health and well being of all pet and breeder birds.

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​‘Nemo’ clownfish drive away species with same stripes, study suggests

Researchers say they have found how anemonefish identify unwelcome guests of their own kind, by counting white markings

02 February 2024
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Researchers say surprising result points to level of self-awareness that has implications for animal rights and welfare

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28 August 2023
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The number of wild birds in Britain has fallen by 73 million since 1970

01 June 2023
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29 April 2023
​Cairngorms tourists urged not to seek out rare capercaillie

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07 April 2023
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