AgroChemEx 2024

AgroChemEx 2024

14.10.2024 - 16.10.2024 Shanghai, China , Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
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Category: Agriculture, Stern, Fertilizers
Organizer: China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA)
Exhibition center: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

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AgrochemEx is one of the largest international events for agrochemicals, whether to meet with governmental authorities, high-level decision makers or visit to see the exhibition gathering most of the qualified manufacturers, formulators in China, AgroChemEx provides you excellent one-stop service.

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Agriculture, Dairy Engineering


​Study shows that inoculating soil with mycorrhizal fungi can increase plant yield by by up to 40%

Farmland often harbors a multitude of pathogens which attack plants and reduce yields.

07 December 2023
Promising Fertilizer Reduces Nutrient Leaching in Soils

A promising new form of ammonium phosphate fertilizer has been field-tested by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers.

30 November 2023
​Changing the way we farm: Good for people and good for the planet

How can we change our farming practices to restore nature, while being able to guarantee our food security? That's what we'll be looking at in this episode of Road to ...

12 October 2023
​Good for soil, grim for the air: More than third of fertilizer use breaking UK Government emissions thresholds

Some nitrogen fertilizer types spread on UK farmland are ending up in the atmosphere, with the worst offenders emitting on average 18% of the applied nitrogen fertiliz...

30 August 2023
EU, UK open doors to Malaysian insect producers

Black soldier fly larvae is a good source of protein for animal feed In June of 2022 insect producers in Malaysia became eligible to export insect-based material to th...

03 May 2023
Spain vows to block farming near threatened wetlands

Spain has vowed to block a regional plan to legalize farming near one of Europe's largest and fauna-rich wetlands, where water supplies have plunged due to climate cha...

03 May 2023
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