Auto Maintenance & Repair 2024

Auto Maintenance & Repair 2024

20.03.2024 - 23.03.2024 Tianjin, China , Tianjin International Exhibition Center
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Overview interest facts - Auto Maintenance & Repair 2024

Rooted in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-jin-ji) region for over 40 years, AMR has witnessed the auto industry’s technological transformation first hand. The show serves as a one-stop platform for aftermarket business exchange, information sharing and sourcing. Moving into its 2024 edition, it will continue to function as a vital meeting point connecting the entire aftermarket sector, catalysing innovation and enabling attendees to survey new opportunities and better understand the market’s trajectory.

AMR covers every aspect of the auto maintenance and repair sector including:

  • Diagnostics & Repair
  • Body & Paint
  • Car Wash & Care
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Parts & Components
  • Electronics & Connectivity
  • Accessories & Customising
  • Dealer & Workshop Management
  • Alternative Drive Systems & Fuels
  • Mobility as a Service & Autonomous Driving

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Auto Maintenance & Repair 2024

AUTO MAINTENANCE & REPAIR hosts more than 1150 exhibiting participants, looking to promote different varieties of auto equipments and related accessories. Chief items of exhibit at the event are, Tyre repairing tools, Coatings, Car maintenance and care equipments, Machine tools, Teaching aids, Purification systems, Electrical gadgets, Testing equipments, Diagnostic tools, Auto safety devices, Chain store services, Software solutions, Car wash services, Energy saving tools, Environmental protection equipments, Pollution control supplies, Chargers, Lifting equipments, Tyre changers, Valves, Cleaning equipments, Recycling tools, Fuel injectors, Tyre spreaders.


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