CCEME Changsha 2023

CCEME Changsha 2023

21.04.2023 - 23.04.2023 Changsha, China , Hunan International Conference & Exhibition Center
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Category: Industrial Engineering
Organizer: Machinery Industry Association
Exhibition center: Hunan International Conference & Exhibition Center

Overview interest facts - CCEME Changsha 2023

Central China Changsha International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition will become the largest and most diverse in Hun-an and Central China. Influential machinery industry exhibition. Changsha Zhibo is committed to serving the industrial manufacturing industry in central China. It is an ideal trading platform for industrial manufacturing equipment to exchange, promote, expand and sell products.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - CCEME Changsha 2023

The exhibitors of Central China Changsha International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition will exhibit the latest products and services including milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, boring machine, teeth machine, thread cutting machine, cutting machine tools, special purpose machine, combination machine, electrical processing special machine tools, laser processing, Forging machine tool categories: hydraulic machine, punching machine, shearing machine, bending machine, bending machine, rolling machine, all kinds of knives, tools, fixtures, abrasives, grinding wheel, various measuring tools, measuring instruments, measuring devices, test equipment, coordinate measuring machines, testing machines, balancing machines and various testing tools, towline machine tool components, accessories, machine tools and mechanical appliances, electrical control and frequency conversion equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing device and cooling device, transmission, lubricant and coolant, mold design and manufacturing technology, plastic mold and rubber molds, stamping dies, car cover mold, die-casting mold and gravity casting mold, rapid tooling and rapid prototyping technology, mold standard pieces, mold materials, auxiliary materials, graphite electrodes, die casting machines, injection molding machines and mold manufacturing equipment, Industrial automation and control systems and equipment, Industrial control computer, programmable controller, inverter, automation components, Various types of instrumentation for detection, analysis, measurement and quality control, sensor materials, auxiliary materials and manufacturing technologies, power generation equipment, electrical appliances, equipment, instrumentation, network automation products, cable fiber optic cable class and related machinery and equipment, all kinds of low voltage electrical and all kinds of high voltage electrical components.