CIMAMotor 2024

CIMAMotor 2024

13.09.2024 - 16.09.2024 Zhengzhou, China , Chongqing International Expo Centre
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Category: Auto & Automotive, Motorcycles
Organizer: Chongqing Exhibition Center
Exhibition center: Chongqing International Expo Centre

Overview interest facts - CIMAMotor 2024

China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition focuses on all motorcycle-related matters. After years of intensive work, it has become a reliable business promotion platform and a strategic partner for exhibitors. It proves the existence of the value of the Chinese motorcycle industry and cheers for the development of the Chinese motorcycle industry.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - CIMAMotor 2024

The exhibits included all kinds of motorcycle parts and accessories including shock absorbers, gears, crankshafts, clutches, brakes, electrical parts, batteries, carburetors, tyres, locks, lamps and etc. Leading manufacturers of motorcycle parts attended the exhibition.


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