Global Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia 2024

Global Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia 2024

02.12.2024 - 03.12.2024 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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Category: Medical & Pharma, Surgery
Organizer: SciTechSeries Conferences
Exhibition center: Dubai

Overview interest facts - Global Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia 2024

Join us for the 5th Edition of the Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia (GCSA 2024), an event poised to unveil the latest advancements in public health. Set in Madrid, Spain, from September

05-07, 2024, this hybrid conference offers an unparalleled platform to explore cutting-edge research and innovative strategies in the field.

Our central theme, “Surgical Innovations Addressing Healthcare Challenges: A Focus on Technology” embodies our commitment to addressing healthcare challenges through advancements in surgical technologies. Surgery Conferences promises a collaborative environment, bringing together leading experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from across the globe.


​Gastric bypass and sleeve tie in short-term complications

The two most common obesity surgeries – gastric bypass and gastric sleeve – have few short-term complications and are equivalent in that sense. These are the findings ...

01 February 2024
​New material improves treatment of complex bone infections

Researchers in Ireland have combined antimicrobial implants and gene therapies to develop a new surgical solution with the potential to improve the treatment of comple...

29 November 2023
Sepsis - as common as cancer, as deadly as a heart attack

In 2016, the research team conducted an initial study in southern Sweden (Skåne) where they revealed that sepsis is much more common than previously believed.

04 September 2023
​New study shows potential benefits of normothermic machine perfusion in liver transplantation

A clinical trial comparing conventional low-temperature storage of transplant donor livers with storage at physiological body temperature has revealed promising result...

21 July 2023
​New blood test finds two thirds of cancers

A new multi-cancer early detection blood test could speed up diagnosis.

16 June 2023
Researchers determine bariatric surgery lowers health risks for people with common liver disorder

Researchers at West Virginia University have uncovered critical data showing bariatric surgery as a treatment method for patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease...

10 May 2023
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