Events in Costa Rica 2024-2025

Costa Rica is a small Central American country known for its beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and commitment to environmental conservation. The country also has a thriving economy that is supported by a variety of industries.

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Costa Rica, employing over a quarter of the country's workforce. The country is known for its production of coffee, bananas, pineapples, and other tropical fruits. Costa Rica's agricultural sector also includes livestock production, with beef and dairy products being produced for both domestic and export markets.

Tourism is a major industry in Costa Rica, with visitors drawn to the country's natural beauty and biodiversity. The country has a number of national parks and protected areas, including the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Tortuguero National Park. Beach resorts, adventure tourism, and eco-tourism are also popular among visitors to Costa Rica.

The technology industry in Costa Rica has been growing rapidly in recent years. The country has a well-educated workforce, and a number of multinational technology companies have established operations in Costa Rica. The technology industry includes software development, data processing, and other technology-related services.

The manufacturing industry in Costa Rica includes the production of medical devices, textiles, and electronic components. The country has a number of free trade agreements with other countries, which has helped to attract foreign investment in the manufacturing sector.

The service sector is the largest sector of the Costa Rican economy, accounting for over two-thirds of the country's gross domestic product. The service sector includes a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, health care, education, and government services.

Despite its economic success, Costa Rica faces a number of challenges in maintaining sustainable economic growth. The country has struggled with income inequality, and poverty remains a significant issue. Environmental conservation is also a concern, as the country's natural resources and biodiversity are threatened by development and climate change.

Costa Rica's diverse economy is supported by a variety of industries, including agriculture, tourism, technology, manufacturing, and services. The country has made significant progress in recent years, and its commitment to environmental conservation has made it a leader in sustainability. However, the country faces ongoing challenges in addressing poverty and inequality, and ensuring that economic growth is sustainable and benefits all of its citizens.

Events in Costa Rica 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
03.09.2024 Exphore 2024 San Jose, Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica

Exphore 2024

San Jose, Costa Rica

​The largest exhibition of Exphore goods, negotiations, contacts, networks, 160 companies presenting gastronomic and hotel products and services for: hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, catering, carbonated beverages, food and institutional industries

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