Events in Poland 2021-2022

Innoform 2021

Bydgoszcz, Poland

The InnoForm 2021 thematic scope is tools for plastic processing: injection molds, blow molds, extrusion heads, molds for rubber processing, cutting tools for metalworking, technologies, devices, and materials for reverse engineering, technologies, machine tools and devices for metal removal, joining and coating, technologies, machines and devices for surface and finishing treatment, plastics processing, and more

Cavaliada Warsaw 2021

Warsaw, Poland

Cavaliada Warsaw 2021 is an international equestrian competition, which consists of a series of indoor Cavaliada Tour sporting events

EduTec 2021

Poznan, Poland

EduTec 2021 event aims at presenting high quality offer for the educational sector

Books for Children Young Adults and Parents 2021

Poznan, Poland

Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents 2021 is the largest such event in Poland, as far as promotion of books for the youngest readers and young adults is concerned. It is an important trade fair and cultural event combining fun with the promotion of reading activity that develops children's imagination and sensitivity

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