Exhibitions in Portugal 2024-2025

Sil Expo 2024

Lisbon , Portugal

The Sil Expo will help develop the primary industries of home ownership, residential tourism, urban re qualification and rehabilitation, rental market, banking and services real estate agents, international area and others

NOS Primavera Sound 2024

Porto , Portugal

NOS Primavera Sound will showcase products like pop and electro lineup heads over to Porto each year for a more intimate, more compact re-run on the Atlantic coast etc.

FIA Lisboa 2024

Lisbon , Portugal

FIA Lisboa is a platform of excellence for the promotion of the Identity and Development of the National and Foreign Territories, namely at the Economic, Cultural and Tourist level. It supports Regional Development and local cultures, through various aspects of the Material and Intangible Cultural Heritage - handicrafts, gastronomy, natural resources, cultural and tourist activities, among others, seeking to highlight Micro, Small and Medium National Companies, Entities and Official Bodies linked to projects aimed at promoting and disseminating the Territories, as well as the sale of Regional Products

In Beauty 2024

Lisbon , Portugal

In Beauty joins the latest trends in the beauty industry, in an uncompromising and gender-neutral trend of awareness

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