Events in Russia 2022-2023

International Scientific Congress 2022

St. Petersburg, Russia

The International Scientific Congress 2022 goal is to unite people from all over the world, exchange ideas, results and projects in the field of frontier science and first of all in the field of exploring Energy Fields in humans and nature

Saratov-Agro Field Day 2022

Saratov, Russia

Saratov-Agro Field Day 2022 will showcase Equipment for livestock and poultry farms Feed, feed, Equipment for harvesting and forage production, Equipment for processing meat and poultry, Equipment for the reception and processing of milk

Drinks 2022

Sochi , Russia

Drinks 2022 event will display product like water, wine, vodka, brandy, liqueurs, cocktails, strong and low alcohol drinks, Drinking and mineral water, Equipment and technologies for the production of beverages

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