Events in Russia 2021-2022

Honey Spas 2021

Belgorod , Russia

The exhibition fair Honey Spas 2021 is an important event for those involved in beekeeping, as well as for those who work in the market for goods and services for the sale of beekeeping products

Saratov-Agro Field Day 2021

Saratov, Russia

Saratov-Agro Field Day 2021 will showcase Equipment for livestock and poultry farms Feed, feed, Equipment for harvesting and forage production, Equipment for processing meat and poultry, Equipment for the reception and processing of milk

Orthodox Russia 2021

Perm, Russia

Orthodox Russia 2021 is an event of monasteries and temples, institutes of spiritual education and education, publishing houses, artistic production workshops

Fair Childrens Products 2021

Krasnoyarsk , Russia

Children's Products 2021 fair will bring together manufacturers of children's clothing, shoes, toys, cosmetics and baby care products, baby food, as well as those who offer various services in the field of upbringing and education of children

World of Childhood School 2021

Belgorod , Russia

World of Childhood School 2021 will focus on goods for children's creativity, development, hobby, educational games, educational audio, video and computer programs, modern facilities

Belgorodexpo 2021

Belgorod , Russia

Belgorodexpo 2021 event display product like Promotion of the domestic and foreign markets competitive domestic goods regions of the Russian Federation, providing conditions for signing contracts

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