Events in Russia 2021-2022

AGROS Expo 2021

Moscow, Russia

AGROS Expo 2021 We also offer a range of services for participation in foreign DLG events in more than 20 countries

International Forum Beer 2021

Sochi , Russia

International Forum Beer 2021 is the largest specialized exhibition event in the beer industry in Russia, the main meeting place for the largest representatives of the brewing industry in Russia and foreign enterprises

Belarus Russia Fair 2021

Moscow, Russia

Belarus Russia Fair 2021 is a platform for the exchange of positive experience between specialists and entrepreneurs of our countries, and also is of a social nature, it presents the most important product groups that determine social stability, consumer goods and foodstuffs

World of Hobbies 2021

Moscow, Russia

World of Hobbies 2021 is a platform where the exhibition and yoke business represents a system of professional information, advertising, technical, economic, technological and managerial activities of numerous interested in this activity of legal and physical persons

CIS Base Oils and Lubricants conference 2020

Moscow, Russia

CIS Base Oils, Lubricants and Fuels Conference 2020 provides a platform for a highly professional dialogue among key industry specialists and creates information space for representatives of blending plants, feed stock suppliers and component producers

Murmansk Mosaic 2021

Murmansk , Russia

Murmansk Mosaic 2021 is an interregional exhibition-fair of goods for the summer season: clothing, shoes, accessories, leisure goods, beauty and health products, household goods, food products

Dentima 2021

Krasnodar , Russia

Dentima is the leading dental exhibition in the South of Russia which gathers together dentists, producers, and suppliers of stomatological equipment and materials

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