Events in United Arab Emirates September 2023

       The UAE has reached such a high level in just about 50 years and is mainly due to large deposits of oil. But the country continues developing other industries, such as agriculture, construction, telecommunications, real estate and, of course, trade and tourism. The Emirates also succeed in holding international exhibitions, where they present all their achievements and sign new contracts. The UAE has no railways, but a well-developed road network. The country meets only a quarter of its domestic food needs, so investments in agriculture are very high. First of all, investments go to the construction of water desalination plants. Agriculture in the UAE is not only about growing crops. Other agricultural sectors in the UAE are focused on the development of the poultry industry and the production of dairy products. Herds of imported cattle have adapted to the climate and now are  raised to produce milk, cheese and other dairy products for the local market.

UAE citizens are employed almost exclusively in the fields of administration and business; all other work is performed by foreign employees.

The UAE's largest trade partner is Japan, which takes the largest share of the UAE's oil and gas exports, and is also a major import supplier, mainly of vehicles, electronics and various consumer products.

Events in United Arab Emirates 2022-2023

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
05.09.2023 UTECH Middle East Foam and Polyurethane Expo 2023 Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)