28.11.2024 - 30.11.2024 Tallinn, Estonia, Eesti Näituste
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Category: Security & Defense, National Security, Military equipment
Organizer: SKIIILFO OÜ
Exhibition center: Eesti Näituste

Overview interest facts - DEFEST EXPO 2024

The main goal of DEFEST EXPO 2024 is to bring together professionals in the respective field to showcase the latest equipment and services, make themselves visible to the public, develop international relations, and create collaboration opportunities between different countries and sectors. Considering the relevance of the theme, the need to strengthen national defense, and the imperative to develop various solutions in defense, the DEFEST EXPO 2024 fair was initiated.

In addition, within the framework of the DEFEST EXPO 2024 event, an international defense investment forum – “Defense Industry – Foundation of International Security” will take place. It is aimed at exploring new directions for the development of the defense industry in Northern Europe.

DEFEST EXPO showcases companies in the defense and security industry. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate practical applications of products and technologies. It provides a chance to acquire information on the latest trends and innovations in the defense and security sector. Participating in DEFEST EXPO is an efficient way to meet key individuals who are also ready for real transactions.

It is expected that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA and others countries will participate in the event.

The event will also include demonstrations of combat sports such as boxing, Thai boxing and kickboxing, combat sambo and hand-to-hand combat, karate, MMA.


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