Digital Twin & Smart Manufacturing Summit 2023

Digital Twin & Smart Manufacturing Summit 2023

27.04.2023 - 28.04.2023 Munich, Germany, Leonardo Hotel Munich City East
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Overview interest facts - Digital Twin & Smart Manufacturing Summit 2023

Event Bio – A digital twin is an exact virtual representation of a product, living being, or an operational process. It is constructed with the help of sensors installed in the physical object. A digital twin can predetermine any flaw or error in the product machine or the entire system with precision and accuracy. How does digital twin works? What are the advantages of digital twin? Types of digital twin? What is the history of the digital twin? What are digital twin use cases and applications? All of these suspension will be acknowledged in our summit.

Join us on 27th & 28th April 2023 in Munich, Germany and learn more about technologies like 3d manufacturing, virtual prototype designing, simulation can help in enhancing businesses.

This event have expert speakers from renowned companies like:

  1. Hussein Tarhini - Fraunhofer lAPT
  2. Dr. Walter Huber - Webasto
  3. Dr.Satyajit Wattamwar - Unilever R&D
  4. Nitin Kaushik - Apollo
  5. Nathan Eskue - TU Delft |Aerospace Engineering|
  6. Gladis Araujo - Mattel, Inc.
  7. Tobias Helberg - Porsche
  8. Alex Samchenko - Philips
  9. Adrian Sebastian Palka - Johnson Controls
  10. Nicolas Lehment - NXP Semiconductors
  11. Arqum Ahmad - Leonardo
  12. Erika Parn - Cambridge
  13. Seonhi Ro - Ford Motor Company


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