European Automotive Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit 2023

European Automotive Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit 2023

12.04.2023 - 13.04.2023 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Frankfurt am Main
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Category: Auto & Automotive, Auto Parts, Automobiles
Organizer: ECV International
Exhibition center: Frankfurt am Main

Net-zero is forcing companies to reassess their carbon footprints and their operation’s effects on greenhouse gas emissions and the environment. Automotive industry is one of the main resources of GHG emission, according to European Environment Agency, road transport constitutes the highest proportion of overall transport emissions — in 2020 it emitted 77% of all EU transport GHGs (including domestic transport and international bunkers).

It is very essential for the automotive industry stakeholders to take a holistic plan to decarbonise the life cycle of a auto. For example use sustainable and recycled material, intelligent manufacturing, electrified propulsion system, transparent supply chain, automotive recycling and so on.

European Automotive Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit 2023 will gather about 120 worldwide automotive industry experts and senior executive to talk about how to lower automotive industry environmental effects, and create a low carbon and sustainable automotive industry.

April 12-13/ Frankfurt, Germany / ECV International

Presentation Topics:

  • European Automotive Industry Go Green
  • The Road to Climate Neutral
  • A Holistic Approach to Decarbonisation
  • Leverage AI to Build a Reliable and Transparent Green Supply Chain System
  • Panel Discussion: How to Achieve the Sustainability and Net-zero Goal of Automotive Industry
  • Electrified Powertrain Decrease Transportation’s Effect on Climate
  • Automotive Industry Decarbonization— Strategy and Digital Technology
  • Automotive Battery: A Key Enabler for Electric Vehicles Development
  • Highly Efficient Fuel Cell Trucks
  • The Green Transition of Automotive Supply Chain
  • Green Procurement: the Starting Point for Meeting Net Zero Targets
  • Green Finance Framework Supports Achieve Low Carbon Emission Target
  • Automotive Industry’s Circular Economy Strategy