Farmer Expo 2024

Farmer Expo 2024

29.08.2024 - 31.08.2024 Debrecen, Hungary, University of Debrecen
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Category: Agriculture, Livestock, Cereals, Crop, Poultry farming
Organizer: V-Trade Kiallitasok Kft.
Exhibition center: University of Debrecen

Overview interest facts - Farmer Expo 2024

Farmer-Expo International Agricultural and Food Exhibition is a leading international agricultural and food trade fair for Hungary, from that very first moment purposefully agro-industrial sector, the group is trying to get a broader and more effective options to secure interact in a deeper relationship in the contest, in a word, to progress a part of and partners.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Farmer Expo 2024

Farmer expo Debrecan will include exhibitors of seed grains, propagation matters, cultural equipments, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, classifiers and sorter machines, cold-storage plants, machines of horticultural cultivation. The fair already assert that there will be the presence of over three hundred national and international and international exhibitors. There will be experts and other professionals in the fields of agriculture participating in seminars will interact with various businessmen, representatives and managers of multinational companies and food industries.


​New season of experimental cultivation in Greece!

The Archeobotany team of the GIAP, led by researcher Alexandra Livarda, has started a new phase of experimental cereal cultivation in Greece!

07 March 2024
​Breeding the perfect Australian sheep: "You can recognize the elite ones right away"

In the paddocks of the CSIRO Research Station in Armidale, New South Wales, a slow experiment is taking place. Generations of Merino ewes are reared, monitored and re-...

08 February 2024
​Australia collaborates with global scientists to improve crop genetics

Australian-first research collaboration delivered through Hort Innovation to develop new fruit varieties

02 February 2024
​Poland’s position as European poultry powerhouse strengthened

In October 2023, the Polish poultry industry is believed to have produced the highest monthly output of hatched broiler chicks ever.

11 January 2024
​Study shows that inoculating soil with mycorrhizal fungi can increase plant yield by by up to 40%

Farmland often harbors a multitude of pathogens which attack plants and reduce yields.

07 December 2023
​Changing the way we farm: Good for people and good for the planet

How can we change our farming practices to restore nature, while being able to guarantee our food security? That's what we'll be looking at in this episode of Road to ...

12 October 2023
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