Houston Gun Collectors Association Gun Show 2021

Houston Gun Collectors Association Gun Show 2021

11.12.2021 - 11.12.2021 Houston, USA, NRG Center
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Category: Security & Defense
Organizer: Houston Gun Collectors Association
Exhibition center: NRG Center

Dear users, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Houston Gun Collectors Association Gun Show 2021 may have been postponed or canceled, please visit the official website to check the latest information.

Overview interest facts - Houston Gun Collectors Association Gun Show 2021

Houston Gun Collectors Association antique gun shows, dates, rules, safety procedures and vendor safety forms. No live, loaded ammo should be brought to the gun shows by any patron but is available for sale by the venders. – All guns are tied and rendered inoperable. – Guns utilizing clips must have the clips removed even if they are in a display case. Flares, detonator caps, explosives, smoke bombs, exploding targets, live fuses safety matches, black or coated black powder • Chemical mace, pepper spray, or like devices • Martial arts equipment (throwing stars, nun chucks, etc.) • Alcohol • Blow guns • Darts • Sling shots • Rubber Band Guns • Stun guns • Tasers • Flammable or compressed gas, camp stove fuel. • Radios • Jewelry • Painted Rocks and similar items • Bottles • Toys, Dolls • Insulators •Stuffed animals •Lamps •Pottery •Furniture •T-shirts •Baseball Caps •Modern cowboy equipment and clothing •Martial arts equipment •Luggage not specifically designed for the transportation of firearms •Tools •Video equipment -recorders, cameras, projectors.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Houston Gun Collectors Association Gun Show 2021

The exhibitors present in Hgca Gun Show are dealers and suppliers of different guns and ammunitions. This show includes Winchester Collectors, Miniature Arms Collectors, Fishing Gear Collectors, Patch Collectors, Indian Artefacts and Weapons Collectors and a Military Collectors and Military Vehicles Show.