Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2022

Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2022

10.03.2022 - 13.03.2022 Seoul, South Korea, Seoul COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
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Category: Medical & Pharma, Laboratory Equipment, Surgery
Organizer: Korea E & Ex Inc.
Exhibition center: Seoul COEX Convention & Exhibition Center

Dear users, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2022 may have been postponed or canceled, please visit the official website to check the latest information.

Overview interest facts - Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2022

Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES) 2022 brings with its products like the eclectic spread of consultation and diagnostic equipment, clinical examination equipment, radiology equipment, surgical apparatus, physiotherapy apparatus, ophthalmic apparatus, dental apparatus, central supply equipment, pharmaceutical and surgical equipment, disposables, emergency equipment and more. It is an event dedicated to the improvement of the healthcare industry. KIMES 2020 sets the stage for the introduction of the latest tools and technology that may aid in the healthcare industry in the Hospitals & Medical Equipments industry.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2022

The KIMES 2022 will exhibit the following products and services, IT based medical information system, medical and communication system for hospital communication, medical vehicle for fast and sage delivery, waste disposal management system, new technologies and new products, Hand Held Recording Doppler Set, Thermagraphy, Infrared Thermographic Images System, Stethoscope, Doppler Fetus Pulse Detector, Endoscopic System, Cardiac Output Computer, Biophysical Recording System, Imaging Diagnostic System, Thermometer, Blood Pressure Meter Sphygmoanometer, Rheoencephalograph, Cardiovascular Devices, Autonomic Nervous System Analyzer, Audiometer, Ultrasound Scanner, Urine or Excrement Analyzers, Blood Chemistry Analyzer, Automatic, Blood Gases Test System, Bilirubinometer, Flame Photometer Spectrophotometer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Centrifuge, Glucose Test System, Freezer, Blood Plasma, X Ray Bone Densitometer, X Ray Film Processor, Simulator, Radiotherapy, X Ray CT Scanner, Diagnostic Radiographic System, Ray Film Processor, X Ray Test Kit, X Ray CT Scanner, Other Radiology Equipment, 4 Cyro Surgery, 4 Instruments Sets, Urological, 4 Operating Light, 4 ENT Unit and Chair, 4 Instruments Sets, Dermatology, 4 Anesthesia Gas Monitor, 4 Instruments Sets, OB GY, 4 Neurological Instruments, 4 Instruments Sets, Bone Surgery, 50. Basic Open Heart Set, 5 Obstetric Delivery Table, 5 Operating Table, 5 Instruments Sets, ENT, 5 Hemo Set.