Global Event on Material Science and Engineering 2024

Global Event on Material Science and Engineering 2024

30.10.2024 - 31.10.2024 Valencia, Spain, To be clarified
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Category: Science & Research, Industrial Engineering, The Science, Inventions
Organizer: SciTechSeries Conferences
Exhibition center: To be clarified

Overview interest facts - Global Event on Material Science and Engineering 2024

Scitechseries proudly presents this “Global Event on Material Science and Engineering,” in Valencia, Spain, on October 30-31, 2024. The focus is on “Focusing on New Trends to Nurture Future Directions in Materials Science & Engineering”.

The conference facilitates participants with international tools and guidance, cultivating robust communities for global education, research, and awareness in the field of material science and engineering. Serving as a worldwide platform, it encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and solutions across nations and specializations, endorsing best practices and empowering a new wave of advocates, activists, practitioners, and researchers.
We warmly invite you to participate in this exceptional event, where we blend the latest advancements with the pursuit of excellence in Material Science and Engineering.


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