Honey Spas 2021

Honey Spas 2021

11.08.2021 - 14.08.2021 Belgorod , Russia, ECC Belexpocentre
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Category: Food & Beverages
Organizer: Belexpocenter
Exhibition center: ECC Belexpocentre

Dear users, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Honey Spas 2021 may have been postponed or canceled, please visit the official website to check the latest information.

Overview interest facts - Honey Spas 2021

The exhibition fair Honey Spas 2020 is an important event for those involved in beekeeping, as well as for those who work in the market for goods and services for the sale of beekeeping products. Honey of various varieties, Beekeeping products: pollen, perga, propolis, royal jelly, wax and other products. Honey cosmetics, souvenirs, medicinal herbs, beekeeping equipment and special literature.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Honey Spas 2021

A wide range of products and services will be showcased here in Honey Spas 2020 such as honey extracting machinery, various products and services made from honey, various beauty products made of honey and many more.