Thailand is located in the central Indochina of Southeast Asia, which is adjacent to Burma on the north, Andaman sea to the west, Laos on the Northeast and Malaysia on the South. It is one of members and founders of ASEAN Economic Community founded in 2015, which is consist of 10 Asian countries that will liberalize trade and investment without tariffs. As the core area of ASEAN, Thailand will provide a ideal platform and important market for overseas enterprises for profit.


Thailand(Bangkok)Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo(TAAPE) is the first and only professional Amusement show in Thailand. The show will attract the companies from over 20 countries and professional visitors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Britain, etc. Moreover, the rising of Thailand’s economy and the growing of middle-class provide a good chance for the development of Entertainment and Leisure market.

Established in conjunction with the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, Thailand Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo, TAAPE 2023 is a trade show dedicated to the promotion of the amusement and attractions industry in Southeast Asia. Moreover, the rising of Thailand’s economy and the growing of middle-class provide a good chance for the development of Entertainment and Leisure market. 

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In 2019, there are more than 500 products and solutions displayed from more than 23 countries and regions. Our show displays products as follows: Children’s Indoor/Outdoor Play Structures, Arcade Games, Amusement Rides, Water Parks Equipment, Attractions and Amusement Parks Design, VR&AR Games, Attraction Management Solutions, Vending Machines, Toys, and etc.

Covering an area of 8000 sq.m, TAAPE 2019 attracted more than 160 exhibitors. For a first-time event, TAAPE has successfully made a splash in the global amusement & attraction industry. The exhibitors & buyers from over 100 countries and regions are invited to visit the expo including Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, German, India, France,Malaysia, Australia, America, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, etc.

Some well-known enterprise exhibitors in TAAPE 2019 selected as follows:

1.Whitewater (West Leading the industry for 39 years and building a staff of over 650 professionals)

2.Polin (Since 1976, Polin has completed over 3000 waterpark projects in 103 countries worldwide)

3.Semnox (A world-renowned expert in holistic IT solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry)

4.Hologate (With more than 300 locations worldwide, it is the market leader of VR multiplayer systems)

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2023 TAAPE would be the show of largest scale in Thailand and attracts a great amount of visitors worldwide. Affected by the pandemic, most of the enterprises face with financial challenges and they tend to grasp this opportunity to seek for work-together, that makes a prosperous market this year’s show.

We sincerely invite you to participate in Thailand(Bangkok)Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo(TAAPE)2023 on October 24th-26th. For Exhibitor & Visitor Registration, please feel free to contact us