​Delhi Govt To Launch A Premium Bus Service; May Not Include Pink Ticket Single Pass Scheme

The government of Delhi is all set to roll out a premium bus service in the national capital of the country which will make travelling significantly easier and more comfortable. This bus service is said to begin in the month of October and when it does, it will be one of the most convenient ways to get by in the region. It is also said that the policy for the same will be passed in the next two months.

Premium Bus Service In Delhi
According to reports, this premium bus service will be based entirely on mobile applications. This means that everything, from booking tickets to marking pickup and drop spots, will be in a digitised format. The premium bus service will also be completely air-conditioned with plush and comfortable seating.

After commencing, it will save the passengers a lot of trouble which cannot be avoided when travelling by car, like looking for a parking spot. It is also more environmentally friendly to use public transport instead of driving private vehicles everywhere. Based on the information available as of now, passengers can book their tickets through the app and enjoy a comfortable ride.

According to an article by Times Now, it seems that the bus service will also involve private players. No other information about the routes or ticket prices has been revealed yet.

May Not Include Pink Ticket Single Pass Scheme
Years ago, the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP government introduced free bus travel for women in Delhi. It was called the Pink Ticket Pass scheme and it enables women to enjoy free rides in public buses in Delhi.

According to the latest updates, the government is not planning on including this pink ticket scheme in this new bus service. Reports also suggest that these premium bus services will not allow any passengers to stand while the bus is in transit. This means that the buses will not be crowded and the passengers will get to experience hassle-free travel.