Fairtrade and Africa Packaging Organisation APO join forces

Outlines Ahmed Alex Omah: “After intense discussions of APO’s and fairtrade’s areas of interest for collaboration and partnership, we have agreed that APO will be recognised by fairtrade as an official institutional partner and endorser of fairtrade’s plastprintpack trade shows in Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Nigeria. We take pride to be associated with these leading international packaging events for Africa & the Middle East. By means of our collaboration, APO contributes to bring even more professional trade visitors to fairtrade’s events.” And Paul März adds: “We are honoured to be the first Corporate Member of APO. APO enriches our plastprintpack trade shows by introducing various Packaging Education Classes leading to certifications such as CPP Certified Packaging Professional in collaboration with the Institute of Packaging Professional USA and endorsed by WPO, the World Packaging Organisation. In addition, APO will add value to our trade shows by organising the Packaging Awards for Excellence – Afristar Award alongside our shows, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) for Packaging enthusiasts in the Industry.”

The cooperation is filled with life for the first time on the occasion of the 6th edition of the International Trade Show agrofood & plastprintpack from 26 to 28 October 2021 at the Landmark Centre in Lagos. About Africa Packaging Organisation APO APO is incorporated with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria. African Packaging Organisation (APO) was founded on 12th June 2012, in Johannesburg following approval from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). APO was founded by packaging institutions across six African states who signed the statute for the formation of APO. The association has memberships across Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Tunisia. APO remains committed to working with global packaging-related organisations such as World Packaging Organisation (WPO), United Nations Industry Development Organisation (UNIDO), packaging trade shows and exhibitions to ensure that the best packaging technical training is available to African businesses, universities, and governments. Information and technologies relating to post-consumer packaging material recovery and reintegration into the packaging and/or other applications ensure that the materials remain in a circular economy. This then ensures that African businesses gain a competitive edge and can compete against the best industries globally. APO as a member of the WPO aims is to improve the standards of packaging across Africa by employing various strategies, such as supporting its member organisations, improving packaging capability in Africa, and striving to increase trade throughout Africa

About fairtrade 30 years of Valuable business contacts Founded in 1991, fairtrade has long been one of the leading organisers of professional international agrofood & plastprintpack trade fairs in Africa and the Middle East. Over the decades, more than 36,000 exhibitors and 1.5 million trade visitors have expressed their confidence in us. Whether we are going down innovative digital paths with our exportal or opening-up new markets with international trade shows. We always find the best possible way to enable valuable business contacts between our exhibitors and visitors, that is what we at fairtrade stand for. fairtrade is managed by its founder Martin März and his son Paul, who joined the company in 2016, and builds on a highly motivated team of experienced and young professionals, many of them qualified in-house over three years in partnership with the German Cooperative State University to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration - Exhibition, Convention & Event Management or Media & Communication Management. ISO 9001:2015 certified and a member of UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, fairtrade strives for high customer satisfaction with excellent service and innovative products.