​Handtmann to Showcase Food Processing Innovations at Anuga FoodTec

German food machinery manufacturer Handtmann, which recently unveiled a manufacturing innovation to create marbled and fat-layered meat alternatives in partnership with Planteneers, is set to showcase its latest innovations at Anuga FoodTec next month.

At the event, which takes place in Cologne from 19 – 22 March, Handtmann is set to unveil a suite of food processing technologies aimed at enhancing the production capabilities for a wide array of food products and pet food. The offerings encompass modular process solutions spanning from product preparation to the final transfer to packaging solutions, catering to operations of all scales, from startups to fully automated, high-capacity industrial production setups.

Highlights include the debut of the Handtmann Inotec IW series grinder, capable of handling up to nine metric tons per hour and operating with both frozen and fresh raw materials. Also featured will be the FS 525 KOEX system for creating filled, snackable products with high precision and versatility, and new FS 501 and FS 503 forming systems for artisan and medium-scale operations.

Further innovations from Handtmann that will appear at the event include the DS 554 and DS 560 P depositing systems, which promise efficient, accurate dosing of a wide range of filling products into packaging, and new automation modules for product handling that enhance efficiency and product quality. A special highlight is the ConProSachet system, pictured above, an award-winning solution for packaging food products in biodegradable, seaweed-based materials.

Additionally, the PVLH 251 L and PVLH 252 L sausage filling lines will be introduced, offering high-performance solutions for sausage production with the capability to handle various casings and product types. Handtmann will also present its customized solutions and Industry 4.0 technologies aimed at optimizing production processes.