​M Moser’s ‘Living Lab’ is a test case for smart and sustainable workplaces

The sustainably-minded Parisian studio acts as a coworking hub and testing ground for new ideas.

A space for experimentation and innovation, the new Living Lab in Paris works twice as hard as a normal workspace: combining coworking functionality for the M Moser Associates team and a place to test new design solutions and collaborate with experts across strategy, technology, sustainability and beyond. The lab also enables clients to visit and immerse themselves in the design process, exploring how different decisions can impact their spaces.

The workspace starts with a material library and tea point, inviting creativity and casual interactions. The middle of the space is dedicated to workspace and open collaboration, with bookable meeting rooms and pods for focused work towards the back, including a wellness room that can be closed off privacy – a comfortable space that doubles as a meditation or prayer space as required, continuing the inclusive theme. A sense of place is created through collaborations with French designers that fill the space, including a bespoke mural in the wellness room by local illustrator Saturn.

Energising natural light is plentiful, and the entire workspace is easily reconfigurable to evolve and adapt with the needs and growth of the team. Beyond aesthetics, the Paris living lab integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall experience. Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting and sound levels is displayed on a dashboard. UVGA (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) and air filtration ensure a healthy, clean and comfortable environment.

As with any legitimate test scenario, the design philosophy prioritised sustainability, aiming to minimise the project’s carbon footprint.

All fabrics, upholstery, flooring, and wall paint used in the space have been chosen to support WELL and are certified for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The flooring comprises locally and sustainably sourced timber and Cradle to Cradle certified carpets, while the meeting rooms and workstation carpets have additional Declare labels.

The team integrated second-hand and repurposed furniture to reduce waste and endorse a circular approach, and the WELL-certified lighting and high CRI lighting fitments save energy and deliver realistic colours for M Moser Associates designers to review samples – power circuit monitoring identifies energy usage and can remotely turn off equipment when not in use.

The living lab is set to be a hub for networking and knowledge sharing: a variety of events, workshops, and forums will be hosted in the space, uniting thought leaders, researchers, and industry professionals to share ideas and push the limits of design innovation.