Major investment in innovative multi-layer pipe production plant

Jansen Plastics offers a wide range of extruded plastic solutions characterised by Swiss quality, reliability, safety and economy. These are used in the areas of water management, building services, geothermal energy and specific customer profiles. Jansen has long-standing expertise in multi-layer and multi-component extrusion. Now the possibilities for producing composite pipes for a wide range of applications are being expanded.

As the most innovative supplier of technically sophisticated composite pipe solutions, Jansen is investing the impressive sum of around CHF 5.0 million in the most modern, interlinked multi-layer pipe production plant. The new plant has an annual capacity of over 17 million metres. The integrated laser welding system no longer requires welding electrodes; as a result, the heat impact on the material is lower and butt welding is more reliable.

The scarce resource of energy has been considered: from the very start of the project planning, the system was equipped with energy-saving drives and pumps. In addition to the technical advantages, a local partner was chosen in order to lend holistic weight to the issue of sustainability. The composite pipe system opens up new production possibilities in the field of geothermal energy for the JANSEN hipress geothermal probe, the strongest geothermal probe in the world, and the PRIMA pipe range for the high-temperature range with drinking water approval.

This also includes the PE-RT aluminium composite pipe made of temperature-resistant polyethylene with an aluminium layer. The new plant represents a milestone in the expansion of production possibilities and capacities in the fields of geothermal energy and services installations.