​Protects Employee Data Against Cyberattack

Israeli startup Cypago has unveiled a new automated software platform to boost security for companies’ internal records for their employees, including against cyberattacks.

Tel Aviv-based Cypago says User Access Review (UAR) strengthens companies’ security measures, and is the latest addition to its range of solutions to enhance security within organizations.

UAR uses proprietary analysis software to scan employees’ user records, pinpointing gaps or inconsistencies in accounts, and swiftly addressing them, for both cloud-based and on-site networks.

It can monitor employee transitions such as terminations, leaves of absence, and periods of inactivity.

The product also restricts access to unauthorized users, preemptively reducing the risk of internal threats and data breaches.

According to a recent IBM report, the average cost of a data breach in 2023 was almost $4.5 million – an increase of 15% in the past three years. The report also found that automated systems have on average reduced the lifecycle of a data breach by 108 days.

The startup’s existing clients include IT security giant CheckPoint, Israeli-founded insurance tech firm Hippo and checkout-free shopping company Trigo.

“There is a very real and yet so often overlooked risk of user accounts, forgotten and ownerless. Besides being a compliance gap, these accounts leave it wide open for criminal actors to take advantage,” said Cypago CEO Arik Solomon.

“For companies with a large workforce or high turnover of staff, it is paramount that account security is properly handled.”