​Stationery, stationery find a new interaction at Ambiente, Creativeworld

For the first time, Ambiente, together with Creativeworld and Christmasworld, offered a larger Ambiente Working segment, an area dedicated to showcasing flexible working, interior design, stationery and office supplies, with the aim of making it easier for buyers to find these categories. and access what they need. In short, it was a success.

Ambiente's expanded stationery and stationery department offered a diverse portfolio of paper, stationery and consumables in a new floor plan. Buyers searching in this category benefited from the short distances between the Ambiente and Creativeworld displays, bringing a new synergy to the show.

"The aim was to enhance the synergistic effect of the trio of exhibitions through an expanded stationery and stationery space," said Yvonne Engelmann, director of Ambiente Living, Giving and Working. “We will (optimize) connectivity and routing to the stationery and stationery space even further. In this way, we continue to promote contacts with new customers."

Buyers also noticed the difference. Volker Jungebut, managing director of the German Association of Stationery and Office Products Brands, said he sees the benefits of mixing the world of office and stationery with other sectors at the show.

"The development shows that fairs are back not only as a platform for presentations and communications: for many manufacturers and retailers they are important," he said. "Thanks to the variety of products, participating companies from the stationery and office products industry can be found not only at Ambiente Working, but also in the Ambiente Giving and Creativeworld segments. The synergy between different areas such as Office Heroes and the Future of Work will ensure that retailers enjoy an exciting and inspiring exhibition experience.”

Ambiente Working is a joint effort between Ambiente and the Association of Industrial Brands for Stationery and Office Supplies in Germany. As part of the exhibition, there was a special zone called "Office Heroes" for suppliers of commercial office supplies and equipment. The result was a larger, scalable display that offered a greater approach to the brand. Industry giants such as Casio, Edding International, Jakob Maul and others filled the "Office Heroes" area.

“We can see that the customers we wanted to meet are here. We can network excellently and bring our brand to life,” said Frank Indenkämpen, managing director of Novus Dahle. “The location is fantastic: the atmosphere, the centrally organized catering, the daylight in the hall – we really like that.”

In the Ambiente Giving exhibit, gifts and personal accessories within the stationery category were on full display. From writing utensils to greeting cards to school supplies, Hall 4.2 welcomed buyers from concept stores, design studios, boutiques, museum shops, traditional gift retailers and department stores. The exhibit offered brands a chance to potentially reach new customers outside of their traditional “office” category.

“We are going to tap on the ‘gifting’ niche,” said Angela Kramer, managing director of Caran D’Ache. “Against this backdrop, we feel that this is exactly the right place for us. Many people discover us by chance and are impressed by the quality of Swiss-made products. We are expanding our circle of potential customers here, because we are not just ‘office’ or ‘colors.’”