​Sternlife Presents Grand Deluxe Vegan Protein Bars Containing Less Than 5% Sugar

Sternlif a German producer of private-label functional foods and supplements, has unveiled a new product — Grand Deluxe Vegan Protein Bars.

The bars feature up to 22% filling cream and are coated in vegan milk chocolate made with rice and coconut milk powder. Containing up to 24% protein and less than 5% sugar, they are targeted at the sports nutrition market and are said to have an “impressive nutritional profile”. The protein bars are available in two flavours — Caramel Choco and Butter Cookie Peanut. Soy-free, allergen-free, and organic varieties are available on request.

Sternlife will present the bars at trade shows Vitafoods (taking place from May 9-11 in Geneva) and PLMA (May 23-24 in Amsterdam). Tailor-made products Sternlife offers a range of functional bars, protein shakes, and nutritional supplements for the plant-based and organic markets; most are customisable based on customer needs.

All products are made in-house in Germany, providing increased flexibility. In 2019, the company significantly expanded its range in response to huge market potential for vegan and organic products. “As a customer, you get tailor-made, innovative and great-tasting products from us that set you apart from the competition in the market, and which generally have high market potential,” Sternlife told vegconomist last year. “We are able to specifically address the customer’s brand, target groups and objectives with our concepts. ”