​The Main Asia Metaverse Conference was successfully held on 24-26 May,2022

The Main Asia Metaverse Conference was successfully held on 24-26 May,2022

Asia Metaverse Conference was successfully held on May 24-26,with more than 45 featured speakers,50+ global media partners,100+ conference partners and1,300+ attendees from over 20 countries participated at the conference. The event was a showcase for the fastest growing and most innovative Metaverse Companies.

Amongst the many brilliant speakers that took to the stage at Asia Metaverse Conference were:

MetaTokyo,Takayuki Suzuki,CEO

India Blockchain Alliance,Raj Kapoor,Founder

Metafluence,Emin Vali,Co-Founder and CMO

MARVRUS,Yongmin Cho,Chief Strategy Officer

Gumi Cryptos Capital,Miko Matsumura,General Partner

Block Tides,Myrtle Anne Ramos,Founder and CEO

LOCGame,Mik Mironov,CEO

Duelist King,Nicole Nguyen,CMO

Arcus,Rommel Carlos,CEO

Aglet,Ryan David Mullins, CEO and Creative Director

SubGame Network,Edmund Hillary,SubGame Ambassador

PlanckX,Riley R Tritz, Director of Business Development

Harmony .one,Brian Felsen,Metaverse

Charisma Entertainment,Guy Gadney ,CEO

Waka World Metaver se,Avinash Kaushik ,Chief Metaverse Officer

Smobler Studios,Dr Loretta Chen,Co-Founder

Hexarchia,Carlo Moretti,co-founder

U-Topia metaverse,Emmanuel Quezada,CEO

Aavegotchi,Mauvis Ledford,Technical Advisor at avegotchi &former CTO at CoinMarketCap

Ethlas,Foo Wui Ngiap,Chief Executive & Co-founder

MetaTokyo,Takayuki Suzuki,CEO

Gummys TV,Pasquale Sorrentino,Founder

Finstep Asia,Musheer Ahmed,Founder & MD

ParlayMe,January Barnes,Founder & Tech Reporter

NFTrade,Harrison Seletsky,Head of Communications

Freeverse,Alun Evans,CEO

Jordi van den Bussche,Founder Kops worldwide (Kwebbelkop,Bloo,Webbelgames,Zypher ),CEO & Founder

Baptiste Tricoire, Web3 Strategic Advisor and Futurist Speaker

Aaro Capital, Ankush Jain,Chief Investment Officer

Technical University of Munich,Isabell Welpe,Professor of Strategy

Pebble Ventures LLC,Michael DeNunzio,Managing Director

Creative Director at Cointelegraph and CEO at Cointelegraph Communications ,Anastasia Drinevskaya

A'Z Angel s ,Mahmoud Al i,General Partner

Cointelligence Fund,On Yavin,Managing Partner

Wave Financial,Les Bor sai,Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Mulana Venture,Gilbert Ng, Partner

Multiverse Labs, Cliff Szu, CEO

Mike Mumola,Co-Host on BloombergTV,Founder of Mediabundance

Shape, James Basnett,CEO

Luli Sulichin,Conceptual Visual Artist

ArtMeta,Alissa Alek seeva,Head of Marketing

SolidBlock,Yael Tamar,CEO & Co-founder

Gamma Law,David Hoppe,Managing Partner

France crypto.fr,Clément Fermaud,Founder

OneRare,Kayaash s ingh,VP - Growth & International Bus ines s

There were also more than 50 media and industry analysts at the event to report on the many significant industry announcements, including:

Cointelegraph, ICOHOLDER, Daily News Alertz, 80.lv, BlockTides, Coincodex, Coinspeaker, Games Jobs Direct, Cryptonewsz, cryptoweekly, walletinvestor, Coinphony, Womeningames, Coinpedia, Parlayme, Unlock, Zexprwire, francecrypto.fr, u.today, Investing, DxTalks, Biztoc, Cryptonews, Prnews, Brave New Coin, thecryptoupdates, Cryptohodly, Marco Polo Experience, Coinquora, Expotobi, PaySpace Magazine, SmartMoneyMatch, DNA325, LETIZO, mllm-invest , BITCOSAR, Best Invest Blog, Securities.io, Crypto Reporter Magazine, Mobidictum, Cryptotvplus, Cryptonomist, Coincheckup.

Metaverse Topics:

* Metaverse Projects Video Showcase

* How is the Metaverse Market Developing in Asia?

* Rise of the Metaverse: a Silicon Valley VC perspective

* How Metaverse Can Play a Role in Crypto Gaming?

* The Future of Metaverse

* The Future Development and Trends of Metaverse in Polkadot

* Are We Metaverse - Ready?

* 4 Different ways to connect your games to the Metaverse

* How AI-powered digital humans will make the Metaverse a better place?

* Panel Discussion: How do Blockchain Games Evolve in the Metaverse?

* Panel Discussion:How NFTs Are the Building Blocks of the Metaverse

* Metaverse and Culture/Entertainment/IPs in Japan

* Watch to Earn in Metaverse

* Banking in the Metaverse

* The Future of Branding in the Metaverse

* How to Gain Exposure to Metaverse / NFTs, from the Perspective of A Diversified Crypto Fund of Funds

* Web3: what your organisation will look like in 10 years
* Metaverse And The Future of Self Expression, Experiences, and Ownership

* Trends of Metaverse in the Financial Industry and Investment Opportunities

* Metaverse, NFT and Defi Startups : What you need to know in legal and regulatory aspects"

* The Metaverse: Future of Virtual Experience

* the Role of NFTs in the Metaverse

* Metaverse Trends & Real Estate Metaverse Use Cases

* Legal Considerations for Operating and Participating in the Metaverse

* How Food in the metaverse?

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