Equipment Oil Gas Chemistry 2022

Equipment Oil Gas Chemistry 2022

09.02.2022 - 11.02.2022 Volgograd , Russia, EC "Region"
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Category: Power & Energy, Oil and Gas
Organizer: VolgogradExpo
Exhibition center: EC "Region"
Frequency: ежегодно

Dear users, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Equipment Oil Gas Chemistry 2022 may have been postponed or canceled, please visit the official website to check the latest information.

Overview interest facts - Equipment Oil Gas Chemistry 2022

This event showcases products from Petroleum, Oil & Gas industry, Natural Resources. Petroleum, Gas, Chemistry.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Equipment Oil Gas Chemistry 2022

Vendors from all across the globe will gather here in Equipment Oil Gas Chemistry 2020 and showcase a wide range of products and services such as machinery and equipment for oil and gas complex, oil platforms, transportation and storage of oil, gas and related products, pipelines, water, rail, road transport to transport crude oil, refined products, construction of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industry, heavy machinery and machinery, equipment and tools, control and measuring devices and equipment, automation systems, and oil and gas processing, protection of pipelines and equipment from corrosion, energy-saving technologies, petrol stations, finished products are oil and gas refining and chemical industries, fire safety, workwear for oil and gas and chemical industry, machining equipment, systems and technologies for modernization, equipment and technologies for mining quarrying and underground mining, processing equipment, sorting, crushing, mining and mine machinery and equipment, instrumentation, laboratory equipment, electrical equipment of mines, pits, ventilation of mine workings, control systems , fire protection equipment, security features, coveralls and others.