QCon London International Software Development Conference 2023

QCon London International Software Development Conference 2023

27.03.2023 - 29.03.2023 London, Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II Centre
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Category: IT & Technology, Web Analytics, Web development, Digital marketing
Organizer: QCon Software Conferences
Exhibition center: Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Overview interest facts - QCon London International Software Development Conference 2023

QCon London is an international software development conference for senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads.

On March 27-29, software leaders driving innovation in software engineering and architecture will come together for 3 days of real-world technical talks, practical advice, and actionable insights. Find practical inspiration (not product pitches) from software leaders deep in the trenches creating software, scaling architectures, and fine-tuning their technical leadership to help you make the right decisions.

Deep-dive with world-class software leaders on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by early adopter companies. Topics covered at QCon London include:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About
  • Architecture in 2025
  • Performance: Designing and Tuning
  • Building Security in Earlier
  • Socially Conscious Software
  • Modern Frontend Development and Architecture
  • Building Modern Backends
  • Paving the Road: Enhancing Developer Productivity and Experience
  • Data Engineering Innovations
  • AI/ML Trends
  • Architecture with Sustainability in Mind
  • The Tech of FinTech
  • Remote and Hybrid Work: What Now?
  • Staff+ Engineering in Practice
  • Debugging Production

“I can’t remember the last conference I attended (of 100s) where every single talk was interesting, and I learned something. If you’re used to being in a group that has seen and heard it all, try out this one.” Donnie Berkholz, QCon London 2022 Attendee, DevX Leader, SVP Product @Percona

At QCon, you’ll always find:

  • Senior software practitioners first.
  • Real-world technical talks.
  • No hidden marketing, no sales pitches, no hype.
  • Speakers Hand-picked by an international program committee.
  • ‘We Care’ experience: healthy food, healthy environment, strict code of conduct.

Attend in-person for an immersive experience, time to connect with speakers and peers, unconference sessions, and conference social events.

The flexible online experience gives you access to most talks on-demand, live unconference and group problem-solving sessions, and the option to connect with peers and speakers in our Slack workspace.

Join QCon as a team and save with exclusive discounts for both the in-person and online experiences!

Level-up on the topics that matter the most right now, solve your complex engineering challenges, and get clarity on software decisions, workflows, and roadmaps. Don’t miss out on real-world insights to help you adopt the right technologies and practices.


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