Events in Bangkok 2023-2024

ISN Asia Expo 2023

Bangkok, Thailand

Asia Expo offers a face-to-face exchange of information, which is crucial for fostering relationships with the institution

Subcon Thailand 2023

Bangkok, Thailand

SUBCON Thailand provides an ideal platform for part-makers in supporting industries to further enhance their business

Future Energy Asia 2023

Bangkok, Thailand

​Officially hosted by the Ministry of Energy Thailand and co hosted by EGAT and PTT, Future Energy Asia, Asia's leading energy transition and transformation exhibition and summit

Thailand Golf Expo 2023

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Golf Expo is “The most comprehensive range of golf destinations, products, and services” to support tourism-oriented business Continuous golf Promote golf resorts and golf courses in Thailand to buyers Both domestically and internationally In which the Meet & Match Session will be organized for the group Entrepreneurs met and negotiated business with a group of buyers

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