Events in Changchun September 2024

The fascinating city of Changchun is located in northeast China, in the province of Jilin. With a rich history, vibrant cultural scene and thriving economic development, Changchun offers visitors a unique experience of wonder and discovery.

Changchun's history dates back more than two thousand years. During the Qing Dynasty, the city was an important political and cultural center. Today, remnants of its past can be found in places such as the residence of Emperor Puyi, the last emperor of China. This well-preserved imperial palace offers a fascinating insight into life at the imperial court and the transition to the ROC.

Besides its imperial history, Changchun is also known as the cradle of China's automobile industry. The city is home to China's first automobile, a major milestone in the country's automobile development history. The Changchun Automobile Museum is a must for car lovers. Here you can admire a wide range of vintage and modern vehicles and learn about the development of the automotive industry in China.

Culture and art also occupy a prominent place in Changchun. The Changchun Opera House is an architectural gem that hosts a variety of Chinese opera, ballet and classical music performances. Visitors can immerse themselves in China's rich artistic tradition and enjoy high-level performances. In addition, the Changchun Museum of Art is another cultural destination that showcases an impressive collection of works by local and national artists.

Nature also plays an important role in Changchun's beauty. Jingyuetan Park is a stunning place where you can enjoy scenic landscapes, crystal clear lakes and lush greenery. In winter, the park becomes a paradise for lovers of ice skating and other winter sports.

Changchun's cuisine is also a treat for visitors. The city is famous for its game dishes and Northeastern cuisine, such as venison dishes and jiaozi dumplings. Local markets offer a variety of fresh and exotic ingredients that reflect the culinary diversity of the region.

In short, Changchun is a city that combines historical splendor with modern development, offering visitors a unique experience in China. From its historical and cultural sites to its thriving automotive industry and beautiful nature, Changchun has something for everyone. Exploring this city means embarking on a journey of cultural, historical and visual discoveries that will leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to visit.

Events in Changchun 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
06.09.2024 China (Changchun) International Tea Industry Expo 2024 Changchun, Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center