Events in Daegu September 2024

Located in the heart of South Korea, Daegu is a vibrant city that seamlessly combines a rich cultural heritage with a modern lifestyle. With a fascinating history, a thriving arts scene and delicious cuisine, Daegu invites you to explore and immerse yourself in the essence of South Korea.

The city is known for its turbulent past and is home to numerous cultural and religious sites. Donghwasa Temple in the Palgongsan Mountains is a Buddhist treasure with an impressive bronze Buddha statue as well as Buddhist paintings and treasures. Additionally, Gyeongsanghyo Palace, built during the Joseon Dynasty, offers a fascinating glimpse into life in ancient Korea.

Daegu is also known for its art and creative scene. The Modern Culture Alley district in Daegu is a paradise for art and design lovers with its art galleries, designer shops, cafes and restaurants with a bohemian atmosphere. Additionally, the Daegu Art Museum houses an impressive collection of contemporary art and offers exhibitions showcasing the development of Korean art.

The gastronomy in Daegu is a delight for foodies. The city is famous for its signature dish, Samgyeopsal, which consists of grilled pork wrapped in lettuce leaves with sauces and side dishes. You can also try other traditional dishes such as galbi (marinated beef ribs), makchang (grilled pork intestines), and seolleongtang (beef bone soup).

Daegu is also known for its famous flower festival, the Daegu Cherry Blossom Festival. Every spring, cherry blossoms blanket the city in a sea of pink petals, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities, concerts, parades and cultural performances while marveling at the ephemeral beauty of flowers.

For those looking for a unique shopping experience, look no further than Dongseongro Market. This lively street market offers a wide range of shops, from fashion boutiques to shops selling traditional Korean items. Here you will find local products, designer clothing, accessories and much more.

Daegu is also known for its famous E-World amusement park. With thrilling roller coasters, water rides and live shows, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking for fun and entertainment.

Events in Daegu 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
25.09.2024 K Food Expo 2024 Daegu, Daegu Exhibition Convention Centre (EXCO)

K Food Expo 2024

Daegu, South Korea

K Food Expo event will feature Agricultural, aquatic, livestock, forest products and local specialty products, processed foods, ingredients and additives, health functional and organic foods, cafes and desserts industry, liquor, beverage