Events in Guangzhou September 2024

Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is one of the liveliest and most fascinating cities in China. Located in the southern Guangdong province of the country, Guangzhou is a cultural and commercial gem that fascinates visitors with its rich history, thriving economy and delicious cuisine.

With a history of more than 2,200 years, Guangzhou has long been an important trading center and a meeting place between East and West. The city has preserved its cultural heritage and has a large number of temples, pagodas and historical buildings that bear witness to its past splendour. Built in the 6th century, the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is one of the most impressive and houses a magnificent collection of Buddhist statues and scriptures.

The heart of Guangzhou is the famous Pearl River, which flows through the city, offering beautiful scenery day and night. A river cruise is a beautiful way to explore the city and take in panoramic views of skyscrapers, illuminated bridges, and everyday life on the riverbanks. You can also take a leisurely stroll around Shamian Island, a former colonial enclave that still retains its European architecture and verdant parks.

But without a doubt, one of Guangzhou's greatest attractions is its exquisite food. The city is known across the country for its delicious Cantonese cuisine, which ranks among the best in China. From dim sum to roast duck and fresh seafood, foodies will enjoy a wide variety of flavorful and authentic dishes. The bustling Qingping Market is a foodie's paradise where you'll find fresh ingredients, exotic spices and tantalizing street snacks.

Guangzhou is also an important trade center and one of the most prosperous cities in China. The modern skyscrapers and luxury shopping malls reflect the city's economic growth and position as a major financial and business center. The Nansha Free Trade Zone on the outskirts of the city is an example of Guangzhou's economic openness and entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to its cultural and economic wealth, Guangzhou is known for its colorful festivals and folk traditions. The Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are just a few examples of the lively celebrations that take place throughout the year. These celebrations offer a unique glimpse into local culture and offer the chance to take part in traditional dances, parades and fireworks.

Events in Guangzhou 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
03.09.2024 China International Hair Fair 2024 Guangzhou, Poly World Trade Center Expo
11.09.2024 International Bio-Technology Expo 2024 Guangzhou, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
11.09.2024 GTI Asia China Expo 2024 Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex
25.09.2024 Food2China Expo 2024 Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex
25.09.2024 Fishex Guangzhou 2024 Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Fishex Guangzhou 2024

Guangzhou, China

The China International (Guangzhou) Fishery & Seafood Expo, As South China's most professional fishery fair, the exhibition is committed to building the international platform