Events in Hastings 2024-2025

Hastings is a charming city on the south east coast of Victoria, Australia. Surrounded by stunning natural scenery and lapped by the crystal clear waters of Western Port Bay, Hastings offers visitors a unique and unforgettable coastal experience.

Hastings is known as a popular destination for fishing and water sports enthusiasts. Western Port Bay offers a wide variety of marine species, making it a true angler's paradise. Visitors can go on exciting fishing excursions or simply relax on the golden sandy beaches and enjoy the sun and sea.

For those looking to explore the area's natural beauty, Mornington Peninsula National Park is a short drive from Hastings. This park is a real treasure with scenic hiking trails winding through lush forests, dramatic cliffs and pristine beaches. Nature lovers can see native wildlife like kangaroos, wombats and exotic birds in their natural habitat.

Hastings is also known for its wine culture. The Mornington Peninsula region is known for its boutique wineries, where visitors can sample quality wines and enjoy panoramic vineyard views. In addition, local markets offer fresh produce and handicrafts, offering visitors the opportunity to learn about the region's rich gastronomic and handicraft tradition.

Dining in Hastings is a delight for discerning palates. Local restaurants and cafes offer a wide variety of dishes, from fresh seafood to international cuisine. Local produce such as seafood, fruit and vegetables are used to prepare delicious dishes, reflecting the quality and variety of local ingredients.

History is also present in Hastings. The Hastings Visitor Center offers information on the history of the area, from the earliest settlements to the present day. History buffs can explore the local museums and learn more about the area's maritime past and the importance of the shipping industry.

Hastings is a destination that combines natural beauty with coastal hospitality. Whether you enjoy water sports, exploring the surrounding nature or just relaxing on the beaches, this charming seaside town offers a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Discover Hastings and be enchanted by its seaside charm and relaxed atmosphere.

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
20.04.2024 Western Port Craft Expo 2024 Hastings, Hastings Community Hub

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