Events in Jeju 2024-2025

Located on the southern tip of South Korea, Jeju is an island paradise known for its breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating culture. With white sand beaches, volcanic landscapes, lush waterfalls and a rich history, Jeju has become one of the country's most popular tourist destinations.

Jeju Island is famous for its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Hyeopjae Beach, with its white sand and turquoise waters, is an ideal place to relax in the sun and enjoy water sports activities such as diving and snorkeling. Jungmun Beach, on the other hand, is known for its impressive cliffs and rock formations that create fascinating landscapes.

One of Jeju's landmarks is Mount Hallasan, a dormant volcano that rises majestically from the center of the island. Hallasan National Park offers a variety of hiking trails that take you through lush forests and breathtaking panoramas. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the entire island.

Jeju is also home to many impressive natural sites, such as Cheonjeyeon Falls and Jeongbang Falls. These waterfalls offer tranquil and magical landscapes where you can enjoy the freshness of the water and the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

Jeju's unique culture is also worth exploring. The “Haenyeo” are female divers who collect shells and pearls in the waters of Jeju. You can visit Haenyeo villages and learn more about their traditional way of life and their valuable contribution to the local community.

Jeju Island is also known for its “Dol Hareubangs,” stone statues depicting human figures with unique facial features. These statues are considered protective guardians and can be found in various locations around the island. They are an important symbol of Jeju culture and history.

Jeju cuisine is also a delight for visitors. Standout dishes include “Heukdwaeji,” the black Jeju pig raised on the island and characterized by its tender and aromatic meat. Another popular dish is abalone, a marine mollusk served in various preparations, from roasted to soup.

In short, Jeju is a stunning destination that combines spectacular natural landscapes with a rich culture and unique traditions. Whether you want to explore idyllic beaches, marvel at volcanic phenomena, immerse yourself in local history and culture, or indulge in delicious cuisine, Jeju offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurous travelers.

Events in Jeju 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
19.04.2024 International Conference on Medical & Health Science South Korea 2024 Jeju , Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Jeju Ocean Front

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