Events in Mumbai 2023-2024

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of India's most vibrant and exciting cities. Located on the country's west coast, the city has something for all types of travelers, from beaches, history and culture to vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine.

One of the main attractions of Mumbai is its architectural heritage. The city has impressive colonial buildings that reflect its British past, such as the Clock Tower and the University of Mumbai. You will also find some of the oldest and most sacred temples in India such as the Siddhivinayak Temple and the Mahalakshmi Temple.

Besides its architectural heritage, Mumbai is also known for its beaches. Juhu Beach is one of the most popular and very crowded in the evenings and weekends. Chowpatty Beach is another popular way to enjoy the sunset or try typical Mumbai street food.

Another attraction of Mumbai is its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants offering a wide variety of ways to enjoy the night. The Colaba area is one of the most popular areas for going out in the evenings, with numerous bars and restaurants lining the main street.

Finally, one cannot talk about Mumbai without mentioning its delicious cuisine. The city is known for its street food, including delicacies such as Vada Pav, Bhel Puri and Pav Bhaji. It is also a popular destination for sampling Indian cuisine at quality restaurants.

In short, Mumbai is a city that has something to offer all types of travelers. From the architectural heritage and beaches to the vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, there are many reasons to visit this exciting city in India.

Events in Mumbai 2023-2024

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
07.12.2023 Plastivision India 2023 Mumbai, Bombay Exhibition Centre
07.12.2023 Cosmoprof India 2023 Mumbai, Hotel Sahara Star
13.12.2023 Pink Almari 2023 Mumbai, Blue Sea Catering and Banquets
15.12.2023 Sea Summit 2023 Mumbai, Dubai
16.12.2023 Kidz World Expo Mumbai 2023 Mumbai, Bombay Exhibition Centre
21.12.2023 China Homelife India 2023 Mumbai, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)
04.01.2024 IIJS Signature 2024 Mumbai, Bombay Exhibition Centre
17.01.2024 Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2024 Mumbai, Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport
18.01.2024 Paperworld India 2024 Mumbai, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)
18.01.2024 HPCI India 2024 Mumbai, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

Paperworld India 2024

Mumbai, India

The largest global trade fair brand in its category Paperworld now forays in India to bring the industry stake holders on a common platform to develop business opportunities

HPCI India 2024

Mumbai, India

The Home and Personal Care Ingredients Exhibition and Conference India is the only event in India focused on raw materials and techniques for the formulation of cosmetic and cleaning products

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