Events in Urumqi July 2024

In the vast and diverse territory of Xinjiang, in China's far north-west, lies a city that is a veritable crossroads of cultures and a gateway to the region's natural beauty: Urumqi. With its strategic location on the Silk Road and rich ethnic heritage, Urumqi is a fascinating city that offers visitors a unique experience of cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes.

One of Urumqi's most outstanding features is its ethnic diversity. Several ethnic groups live in the city, with the Uyghurs being the largest and most prominent group. Visitors can immerse themselves in Uyghur culture by exploring Urumqi's Grand Bazaar, a bustling market selling a variety of traditional goods, from colorful textiles and carpets to spices and local agricultural products. Additionally, Urumqi is a meeting place for diverse ethnic groups in the Xinjiang region, giving the city a unique blend of cultural influences.

The city also offers an opportunity to discover Xinjiang's natural wealth. Not far from Urumqi lies the beautiful Tianchi Lake or Heavenly Lake surrounded by majestic mountains. With its crystal clear water and breathtaking scenery, the lake is a popular destination for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. In addition, the Tianshan Mountains that stretch across the region provide opportunities for hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Urumqi's gastronomy is also a treat for the senses. The Uyghur influence is reflected in the local cuisine, which features hearty and spicy dishes. Roast lamb, lamb kebabs and lángos, fried slices of bread, are among the most popular dishes. In addition, traditional sweets such as 'nang', a crusty flatbread, and 'samsas', stuffed dumplings, are delicacies not to be missed.

In addition to its cultural and natural wealth, Urumqi is also an important economic center in Xinjiang. The city has experienced significant economic growth in recent decades and has become a commercial and transportation center in the region. The Modern Development Zone of Ürümqi is witness to the boom in industry and commerce in the city.

In short, Urumqi offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience Xinjiang's cultural diversity and natural beauty. Whether exploring the bustling markets, savoring delicious local cuisine, or taking in the stunning scenery, Urumqi promises an unforgettable experience and encounter with fascinating cultures in the heart of China.

Events in Urumqi 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
18.07.2024 IME Xinjiang 2024 Urumqi, China Xinjiang International Exhibition Center