Events in Yiwu April 2024

In the heart of China's Zhejiang province lies a city that has taken the world of commerce by storm: Yiwu. Known as a shopper's paradise, this city has become one of the most important centers of international trade, attracting thousands of businessmen and shoppers from all over the world in search of diverse and affordable products.

Yiwu International Market is the hub of the city and one of the largest wholesale markets in the world. With more than 75,000 stands, it offers an impressive variety of products, from everyday objects to gifts, jewellery, textiles, toys and much more. Strolling through the endless aisles of the market is a unique experience where you will find everything you can imagine. In addition, the city has numerous shopping centers and departments, making it a true shopper's paradise.

However, Yiwu is not only a commercial hub, but also a city full of local charm and traditional culture. Yiwu Ancient Town, known as Fotang District, is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in history and tradition. With its cobbled streets, traditional teahouses and ancient temples, Fotang District offers a fascinating glimpse into daily life in Yiwu's past. Xiuhu Temple, with its majestic architecture and beautiful gardens, is another must-see for visitors to connect with spirituality and tranquility.

Yiwu's rich culture is reflected in its traditional festivals and celebrations. The Yiwu Light Festival, held during the Spring Festival, is a special occasion where paper lanterns are lit and folk performances are performed. The Dragon Banquet Festival, held on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, is another significant event where you can enjoy parades, dragon dances and traditional dishes.

In addition to its local charm, Yiwu is also surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Dongyang Lake on the outskirts of the city is a popular spot for relaxation and outdoor activities like boating and fishing. Mount Xiuqian, with its lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls, is another destination that offers an escape from busy city life and a chance to get in touch with nature.

Yiwu is also known for its hospitality and entrepreneurship. Many residents of the city are engaged in trade and export, which has contributed to its reputation as a dynamic commercial center. Visitors can experience the warmth and friendliness of the locals as they explore the market and mingle with the vendors.

Events in Yiwu 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
20.04.2024 Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair 2024 Yiwu, Yiwu International Expo Center