Agriculture Events March 2022

Seminat 2022

Piacenza, Italy

Seminat 2022 is an event addressed to final consumers that offers them the opportunity to procure plants, products, and equipment at the beginning of the season, choosing in a wide and complete range, allowing exhibitors to develop important contacts and sales volumes

Konya Agriculture Fair 2022

Konya, Turkey

Konya Agriculture Fair 2022 exhibits agricultural professionals like the farmers, instigators and others about the ways of sustainable progress and also about the ways of increasing the income and profitable limits of the farmers etc

Agri Week Osaka 2022

Osaka, Japan

AGRI WEEK OSAKA consists of the following 3 shows like Agritech, Agrinext, Farmers' Processing and Sales Support Expo

IDMA and Victam EMEA 2022

Istanbul, Turkey

IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA 2022 is the only international technology exhibition in the industry, which you can exhibit all the technologies you have, come together with thousands of professional visitors

Greenhouse Industry Fair 2022

Kyiv, Ukraine

Greenhouse Industry Fair 2022 will feature areas like Greenhouse turn-key construction, Covering materials, Climate-control and automatic equipment, Selection, seeding, crops

Farm Technological Forum 2022

Kyiv, Ukraine

Farm Technological Forum 2022 will feature areas like Modern cultivation technologies, Selection, seed production, plant growing, Plants protecting tools, Fertilizers, growth stimulants, Landing material, and Automatic watering systems