Automation & Robotics Events June 2021

Automation Technology Expo East 2021

New York, USA

Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East - part of the region's largest advanced design and manufacturing event - connects professionals from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Lockheed Martin with the latest technologies and insights in components, custom machines, controllers, pick-and-place, software, and more

Meorga-MSR Spezialmessen Nord 2021

Hamburg, Germany

Meorga-MSR Spezialmessen Nord 2021 will feature areas like Analytical Measurementmaintenance, drive technology, calibration, fittings, Measuring and registration technology, Initial and continuing education,Low tension, Automation security,Level Measurement lightning protection

Automex 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Automex 2021 is the Malaysian event for all automation professionals and a comprehensive display of automation technologies focused on specific industry and commercial applications