Christmas items Exhibitions 2024-2025

Winter Dreams Magdeburg 2024

Magdeburg, Germany

Winter Dreams presents imaginative supporting programs, as well as all sorts of inspirations for decorations, gift ideas, wellness and beauty, fashion, antiques, interior decoration, jewelery, handcrafted products and much more

Dortmund Christmas Market 2024

Dortmund, Germany

Dortmund Christmas Market will feature stands with handicrafts, Christmas decorations, beautiful toys and much more, there is almost everything that makes hearts beat faster in the Advent season

Aachen Christmas Market 2024

Aachen, Germany

The Aachen Christmas Market has become an absolute must for all people of Aachen and Aachen fans as well and it has become famous far beyond the boundaries of the Aachen region, this is due to its pleasant and familiar atmosphere

Christkindlmarkt 2024

Baddeckenstedt, Germany

This event showcases the wide range of festive decorations from Christmas deco articles over Erzgebirge folk art and wood furniture to cashmere and silk as well as home accessories