Culture, Arts & Crafts Events 2021-2022

Heritage Istanbul 2021

Istanbul, Turkey

New technologies give opportunities for cultural heritage by causing worldwide interest, enriching communication and techniques Aiming at gathering the institutions working for preserving, keeping and transferring the cultural heritage to the future with sectoral suppliers

Lille Art Up Fair 2021

Lille , France

Lille Art Fair 2021 will provide the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful moment. Lovers and nights owls happenings, performances, readings, dance, and animations await you for an unforgettable moment

FIA Lisboa 2021

Lisbon , Portugal

FIA Lisboa 2021 is a platform of excellence for the promotion of the Identity and Development of the National and Foreign Territories, namely at the Economic, Cultural and Tourist level. It supports Regional Development and local cultures, through various aspects of the Material and Intangible Cultural Heritage - handicrafts, gastronomy, natural resources, cultural and tourist activities, among others, seeking to highlight Micro, Small and Medium National Companies, Entities and Official Bodies linked to projects aimed at promoting and disseminating the Territories, as well as the sale of Regional Products

London Coin Fair 2021

London, Great Britain

London Coin Fair will feature products like coins, tokens, & collectable pins, collecting supplies, old banknotes & cheques, obsolete stock certificate, paper currency, ancient coins, sports cards, and much more

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