Education & Career Events 2022-2023

Educa 2022

Helsinki, Finland

Educa Helsinki has earned its place as Finland's largest and most important annual training event for professionals in the education field

Abuja International Education Fair 2022

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja International Education Fair is a unique opportunity to meet qualified undergraduate and Graduate candidates and decision making family members throughout the most vibrant markets Nigeria and West Africa

Learntec 2022

Karlsruhe, Germany

Learntec 2022 is the leading trade fair for digital learning for school, university and corporate settings. It displays the innovative WBT, CBT from all subject areas Mobile- and Micro-Content Game-based learning, business management games and serious games, and much more

International Conference on Psychology, Language and Teaching 2022

Istanbul, Turkey

The International Conference on Psychology, Language and Teaching (ICPLT) 2022 aims to be one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of Psychology, Language and Teaching. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Psychology, Language and Teaching related techniques

ICEF Dubai 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ICEF Dubai Workshop is decisive on exploring the recent upgrades that have come up in the education opportunities and the participating board of speakers will discuss and showcase about the recruitment networking events and the student employment opportunities not only in Korea or Japan but also in the global market

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