Environment & Waste Events 2021-2022

Fair Goods 2021

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Fair goods 2021 will display products from regional and organic, an upcycling arena, ethical finance, eco fashion, health & nutrition, sustainable mobility, green living, share economy, renewable energy, fair organic wines, sustainable tourism, etc

Aquatech Amsterdam 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aquatech Amsterdam is a leading platform that features drinking water processing, drinking water treating, drinking water systems, wastewater management, wastewater disposal and treatment and other water-related processes and technologies

BioXpo 2021

Brussels, Belgium

BioXpo will showcases products like the global market that will help to meet their business targets

EnviTech 2021

Brno , Czech Republic

Envitech will be focusing on technology, products and services contributing towards protecting and restoring the environment

VietWater 2021

Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam

VietWater Provide brings valuable business opportunities and is a stepping stone to strongly promote the water supply, wastewater and environmental segments in Vietnam

The Greener Manufacturing Show 2021

Cologne, Germany

The Greener Manufacturing Show 2021 is the must-attend event for any sustainability-focused company looking to design and manufacture their products from more sustainable materials, limit and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and reduce the impact of their industrial and manufacturing processes on the environment and global climate change

Veggie World Munich 2021

Munich, Germany

Veggie World Munich 2021 is about gaining something, and not about renouncing anything. It’s not about dogmatism, but about variety

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