Horses Events 2022-2023

Eurocheval 2022

Offenburg, Germany

Eurocheval 2022 provides a platform for horse owners, riders, horse lovers and for those who want to become. In particular, the combination of open-air and indoor events

Equita Lyon 2022

Lyons, France

Equita focuses on reining, barrel racing, pole bending, concours de races, dressage, equestrian arts, parade aces, trophy, elite leisure etc

Saskatchewan Equine Expo 2022

Saskatoon, Canada

Saskatchewan Equine Expo displays the latest developments in equine health, the newest products, best techniques and latest technology concerning horse industry

Equitana Melbourne 2022

Melbourne, Australia

Equitana Melbourne events promises of bringing the world of equine education, entertainment, exhibition and competition to the heart

Cavaliada 2022

Poznan, Poland

Cavaliada 2022 is an international equestrian competition, which consists of a series of indoor Cavaliada Tour sporting events and it aims to popularize horse riding as a sport discipline and forms of recreation and to stimulate interest in horse breeding

Partner Pferd 2023

Leipzig, Germany

Partner Pferd 2023 event will feature national and international exhibitors presenting equestrian accessories, equestrian sports equipment and capital goods for horses