Industrial Engineering Events 2021-2022

Tool Tech 2021

Seoul, South Korea

Tool Tech 2021 will provide a unique opportunity to have a closer look at every real aspect of both Korean and foreign tools and the related industries including the trends of related equipment industries and technology development

Pneumaticon 2021

Kielce, Poland

Pneumaticon 2021 is accompanied by Przemysłowa Wiośnie, ie exhibitions related to metalworking, laser technology, welding and corrosion, and measurement technologies, i.e. stom-tool, stom-blech & cutting, stom-laser, stom-robotics, teia, spawalnictwo, expo-surface, control -stom, wirtoprocesy and 3d print days

Control-Stom 2021

Kielce, Poland

Control-Stom 2021 provides the opportunity to the attendees to see both devices for measuring strength or for determining other physical quantities, as well as know the systems used to process the image

Bursa Textile Show 2021

Bursa, Turkey

The Bursa Textile Show 2021 will provide the attendees with the opportunity to explore the display of fabrics, yarns, technical textiles, accessories and patterns from the textile and fashion fabrics sector, trend and product supply platform.

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