IT & Technology Events July 2021

job40plus München 2021

Munich, Germany

job40plus München 2021, where at least five years of professional experience are a must, the term experience is, however, taken much broader here

PG Day Russia 2021

St. Petersburg, Russia

PG Day Russia is the first Russian conference to have the status of a community event supported by the official international PostgreSQL community

Industrial Conference on Data Mining 2021

New York, USA

The Industrial Conference on Data Mining focuses on the applications of data mining in marketing, medicine, e-commerce, biotechnology, quality management, multimedia data like image, video, text, signals, web-mining, intrusion detection in networks, agriculture, meterology, and much more

World Test Engineering Summit Bangalore 2021

Bangalore, India

The World Test Engineering Summit 2021 will deliver in-depth content targeted at architects, developers, testers, integrators and managers by offering lectures and technical session to expand the knowledge and expertise on the latest technologies

CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CIO Leaders Summit Malaysia 2021 is invitation only and intended for Malaysia's most senior IT leaders to gather for a strategic event in order to exchange knowledge and interact as one over a range of important issues facing the industry